[Suggestion] Fiction Index shows status tag, but search lists don't

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Nothing is worse than getting really into a fiction and then finding out it's on HIATUS!!! Cliffhangers really are only good if there is actually sth following up!

It would be amazing if that could be seen in the list when using the search function and on the fiction index page.
Right now I go on the fiction index, then to the author page and only THERE can I see what the status of the fictions are... 
Or having a look when the last chapter was posted and guessing from there...

Consdering that sooooo many fictions are on hiatus and/or dropped, even when going through recommendation lists, it's too much work figuring out if it's a story you can get invested in. 

PS: I made the account just to beg an author to continue a work that was (still is) on Hiatus... Didn't work *cry* it was so promising


RE: [Suggestion] Fiction Index shows fiction status (e.g. HIATUS) PLEASE

I don't how feasible this would be considering most authors here, as far i know, don't really have any consistent release schedule. It would be hard for the system to tell if a work is on hiatus. Now, if it were an option provided to authors to manage their own works then sure I suppose they could tag it as "on hiatus', however this already does exist in some sense for users. They can put in 'away'' which includes when they plan to come back.

RE: [Suggestion] Fiction Index shows fiction status (e.g. HIATUS) PLEASE

So yeah, I'm aware that the tag exists. It's displayed on the page of the author underneath the fiction covers, but just on the page of the author and only on the fictions displayed on that page. If you view all fictions from one author it doesn't show the status. Pretty sure they also have the label, it's just not shown.

From my very limited knowledge/usage of data banks and website stuff, it should be possible if you have the info saved somewhere to display/use it elsewhere.

I think all are ONGOING by default, but the author can usually tell if it's ongoing irregular release or a real HIATUS. I think I even saw a DROPPED status somewhere. And tons of fictions are labeled HIATUS, it's just a pain to find that info when looking for a new fiction.

(btw writing statuses in caps because they are displayed like that on the page, not because I'm screaming)

RE: [Suggestion] Fiction Index shows fiction status (e.g. HIATUS) PLEASE

7/4/2017 2:10:35 PMElins Wrote: [ -> ]No worries, I do hope so as well. I spent a lot of time browsing after I hit the end of the last fiction and 90% of the recommendations I took from the forums are on hiatus, so checking them all take aaaages.

The 'ongoing' fictions list is usually a good place to start, as is the 'completed' fictions list (since they can't, you know, ever go on hiatus)

Also, if you're looking for works with some degree of assurance that they will end, check out The Pledge organized by Writers To The End here: http://forum.royalroadl.com/showthread.php?tid=97007

RE: [Suggestion] Fiction Index shows fiction status (e.g. HIATUS) PLEASE

-.-  yeah, they really are the first place I do look. Though I tend to binge read one fiction and then I'm in a slump about what to read next. I go through the different lists and usually end up going through the forums and see if any of the requests sound like sth I'd like. So actually I can find good ongoing and completed fictions, did so often. 

Still, looking up the recommendations, which quite often sound good, is frustrating: You read a post about a fiction that appeals, search for it (because usually ppl just post the name and not links), read the synopsis, look at the last update, are not sure if on hiatus or not, look at the author page, it's hiatus at least 50% of the time. And repeat and repeat and repeat. 

I can't quite give up my quest to find the hidden gems through the recomendation forums either *sigh* The lists really only show the most popular ones, which makes for a decent quality, but sometimes... 
If the status was shown on the fiction index directly it would make searching easier at least.

The more I complain about it, the more it seems like a small problem, but if anything, it would be an improvement.
Off topic, but it would also be cool if for advanced search you could select ongoing and completed both, instead of just one of them or all.
Als off topic, the assurance to the end sound really neat. I did see the banners for some writer groups before, but didn't know that was also a part. I usually don't start fictions which are really new, but with that I'd give it  try. ("writers to the end" is kinda self explanatory here tho Very Happy)

RE: [Suggestion] Fiction Index shows fiction status (e.g. HIATUS) PLEASE

Hmm, I thought about that as well. I think I'd first look in the tags. 
Probably because Novelupdates has that for their novels. They have the regular tags in blue and if a story is completed there is a red "completed" tag added.
I think the "Original" tag on RRL is already a slightly different colour and it's always displayed at first. Maybe like that.
The tags are also displayed in the rankings and search lists.

Or underneath the tags where the warnings are, if a fiction has them (like gore, profanity etc). Warning: Hiatus! Very Happy

But a tag would be more practical, wouldn't it?

RE: [Suggestion] Fiction Index shows fiction status (e.g. HIATUS) PLEASE

Coming back to the topic after a long time and I am super happy that the fiction index now shows the status of the story right at the beginning of the tags, just like the ORIGINAL tag Very Happy

Buuut, I can't help noticing that the new tag is not shown in the search lists. Even when you expand the list of tags. It shows the genre tags and the ORIGINAL tag, but not the status tag... I think this would be a rather small add on and would suggest to do that as well.

Still, a big thank you to the admins for displaying the status tag on the fiction index!
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