Can I get precise poll results?


I was wondering if it was possible to get a precise set of results from a poll. I've posted a couple of polls for my novel and usually, the bars work just fine in helping me make a judgement... 

The problem I've just encountered is that when your poll has a lot of options it becomes difficult to compare the bars - My most recent poll has nine options. I can see that Votes(Option 3) > Votes(Option 2) > Votes(Option 1), and that Votes(Option 5) > Votes(Option 7) > Votes(Option 9), but the problem happens when trying to compare results that are disjointed or without a pattern. Votes(Option 5) seems to be just slightly higher than Votes(Option 2) and there's a similar relationship between Options 3 and 7 but my judgement is kind of iffy...

Is there an easy way I could see the results in exact numbers? Percentages maybe, or even an exact vote count.

If there isn't currently a way, it might be a good feature to add.

Using the "Inspect" function of my browser I did manage to extract exact numbers from the HTML itself. After cleaning away the irrelevant code it came out something like this:

Summoning: "Hero" (Summoned by the conventionally 'good' faction)
7.94% of votes

Summoning: "Destroyer" (Summoned by the conventionally 'evil' faction)
11.11% of votes

Summoning: "Oracle" (Summoned by the conventionally 'neutral' or 'chaotic' faction)
15.87% of votes

Crashing: Mountain Range (Crashes in a region heavily populated by mountains)
4.76% of votes

Crashing: Mystic Land (Crashes in a mystic or sacred region)
12.7% of votes 

Crashing: Ocean (Yep, in the Ocean... ever played Subnautica?)
4.76% of votes

Skyfall: Island (Lands on or near an island or cluster of islands)
17.46% of votes

Skyfall: Wasteland (Lands in a vast wasteland, desert, or arctic)
3.17% of votes

Skyfall: Subterranean (d20: you somehow manage to land underground)
22.22% of votes

Total: 63 vote(s)
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