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I'm one of those people who try to read different stuff from time to time mostly to change my viewpoint or fuel my imagination. Therefore I tried to use the "Surprise me!"-Feature of this site and yeah... it sucks Very Happy
It gave me ~30 long dropped novels with no reason to start them. 1 chapter novels, last updated 16 months ago, last updated 4 months ago, etc. Clicking half an hour through the novels with no realistic read (interests not even included) makes the feature quite useless.

Would it be possible to change the feature so that it only shows completed or active (X updates in the last weeks) novels?

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RE: Overhaul for the surprise

11/16/2017 4:48:17 AMbatotit Wrote: [ -> ]it kinda defeats the purpose of the button in the first place if you want to add filters to it.

I would disagree with this. I don't ask to add filters for genre or tags but I ask for the basic requirement of "readable".
People want to be surprised with something they can read. I personally don't think this includes a 1-chapter 500 words start from 14 months ago which most likely is dropped.

I would expect most readers to look for a story with a chance for an ending. Meaning either an active story or a completed one. I don't know the numbers overall but looking at some of my results it doesn't seem like people want to read a 2-chapter dropped novel.

@Tomoyuki: Sure that's possible but the whole thing of the "surprise me" is to not scroll through stuff and think about anything but get something thrown at you. Sure one could close his eyes and click wildly but for me (and that may be just based on my preferences) showing "unreadable novels" (activity, not quality) kinda defeats the purpose of the button.

RE: Overhaul for the surprise

Yes to readable only random novels.
I'm not using the current button. It sucks.

There must be no user input. YES of course, or else this is not a surprise.
That does not mean there must be no filters or pre-filtered list and that the button should just generate a random number.

-active only
-(registred user only) not in read history (can be accessed in your profile by the way).

-favorited by a well known user
-selected by a mod

If you're really worried this is not random enough, then let Math to their magic. Add formulas.
Generate 0<x<1
If x<0.5 Use filters
If 0.5<x<0.9 Use Pre-filtered list
Else Use Random number generator

Then MAYBE the Surprise Me button no longer sucks.

RE: Overhaul for the surprise

I wouldn't want to exclude popular, older stories that haven't been updated for a while. The current system would consider Forgotten Conqueror inactive; but on what basis would you exclude a 108 chapter, top 5 story from the random generator?

I can, though, add a filter so that it includes any fiction that is either:
Completed OR
Active (updated in the last 35 days) OR
At least 20 chapters

RE: Overhaul for the surprise

Well, there's a ratio to find between quality and randomness. You can test any formula because 'Surprise Me' is not a RRL key feature.

Completed OR
Active (updated in the last 35 days) OR
At least 20 chapters

Looks fine to me.

But if you're not sure, you can let RNG decide between a formula or the usual completely random surprise novel.
That way, nothing is completely excluded and you're sure you can get a surprise. Plus, the user may get decent novels, and the devs may go back at some point to test a better formula.

RE: Overhaul for the surprise

Haha I guess so :)
Meh. 80% filter 20% classic Surprise Me and be done with it.
Let a Switch case somewhere if you want to add a new formula or re-tune the RNG (rand, random or whatever you want to call it).
If RNG screws up then... Meh again; it's not like we're dealing with sensitive data.

Edit: And for those that are not happy with the 80% thing, here. I tested the Surprise Me button 3 times, just so that you couldn't make me doubt. It it gave me that:
1st try: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/14389/tangible-dreams-erotic-short-paranormal-romance (what the actual... 1 chapter dropped)
2nd try: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/13392/shadowborne (Meh 1 chapter dropped)
3rd try: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/10280/the-will-of-the-strong (dropped but looks OK)
I dare you to say that filters are unneeded. I DARE YA.
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