Suggestion: a fix for that chat icon

Hi there, I found a minor issue on RRL main page.
No, it's not a bug, so I'm not sending a support ticket. I'm instead suggesting a fix here.
Because it does a great job at being a weak and subtle, yet glaring, annoyance (shame, but I know a dev is laughing evilly somewhere).

Go on and look at the Chat/Discord menu.

Notice how the Chat/Discord icon '' is blurry. Now you can't unsee it. *distant evil laugh*

About the blur: The Chat/Discord icon is a png.
src="/Content/Images/discord.png" (also, shame, stop laughing)

All other icons -- a nice little house for Home, a pretty book for Read, a stylish bell for Notification -- are Font-Awesome icons.
They are used as fonts, so they are fine, no matter the scale.

Thing is, there is no Discord icon within the commonly available Font-Awesome files. I can imagine why this png is here (but I can barely fathom the Evil the birthed it). Of course, the issue is known, and of course people have a fix for it (Font-Awesome is fully open source).

Now, I don't have the necessary tools to check if the fix actually works, but a quick ctrl+F "discord" with Notepad ++ showed me hints of a discord icon (fa-discord:before{content:"\f2e1"}).
So in the html document instead of this:

<img src="/Content/Images/discord.png"

I guess you should have this:

<i class="fa fa-discord"></i>

As to the only points that may be problems to the fix:
-The need to update at each version of the official Font-Awesome release (should not be a real problem);
-The need to check for malicious/erroneous code in the fix (Seems legit? I'm not wasting my time checking, because someone would have already reported it. But you never know...). Let's say there's at least the need to check the added parts to have a basic understanding of it.

I'm not really expecting a fix, because of how small of an issue it is. I'm suggesting it, now it's there.
'till the next time I'm bored on week ends then... hoping you can't unsee it too.
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