Suggestion: Auto-Hiatus

It would be nice if series would be flagged in some obvious way as being on hiatus if they haven't been updated in the last month and haven't been flagged as completed. There's simply too many stories that have been abandoned without notice, the authors never to be heard from again, and it's super annoying to find out that you've accidentally started reading one of them at chapter 30+. Yes, I know you can just check the releases manually, but I don't always remember to do it, and I'd prefer that this marker show up in the search results anyway. That way, I don't have to click on series after potentially interesting series, checking each one's fiction page, checking the release date of the last chapter, then checking the last chapter's comments to find out if it was completed or if the author simply went MIA, only to find out that it was the latter. It's time consuming, depressing, frustrating and shouldn't be necessary.

Naturally, this flag should be auto-removed when an update happens, should inform the author once it's been placed on their series, and should allow the author to keep it in place if they're simply posting an update letting people know that yes, this really is on hiatus and not actually dropped. It would also be nice if it upgraded from a "hiatus" flag to a "dropped" flag after three months with no updates from the author.

Even better would be if we could also get an option in Advanced Search to ignore any non-completed series that hasn't updated since X date or within the past Y days. This by itself isn't good enough since it doesn't protect people from series that they were linked to, or that wind up trending for some reason even after the author abandons them, but it would still be very helpful.
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