Please add a review sorting function

Quite often longer stories on Royal Road will stagnate or just get abandoned, and yet the reviews for those stories will almost always be the first handful of reviews because those were the most likely to get a thumbs up.  Typically those reviews were reviewing only the first chapters and were never updated, but since they are the first reviews that were seen, they will almost always stay on the front page of reviews for a story. 

If you want to read the most recent reviews (which should definitely be a sort function) you have to go to the last page of reviews and start working your way back towards the front, and even that doesn't sort by date, just by thumbs up or whatever the system is.

I want to see a reviews system that doesn't force the oldest (by default since it will get the most uplikes and keep gaining them) reviews on us.

RE: Please add a review sorting function

I agree, that function would definitely be very nice.

Alternatively, you could account for the age of the review inside the current sorting mechanic, so that an old review with 10 "likes" would be beneath a fresh one with, for example 6, because the old one has been seen by way more people. What I'm trying to say is, sort them by (number of likes) / (number of people who saw the review), if you can even count that correctly.

RE: Please add a review sorting function

12/28/2017 6:33:21 PM Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't mind a sorting drop down akin to other sites with options like "Highest to Lowest, Lowest to Highest, Oldest First, Newest First".

That's a great idea!

I've also found that to be an issue as the earliest reviews are always on top simply because they have had been "seen" the most and therefore accumulate the most likes, permanently keeping them at the top of the list
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