What types of genres are acceptable for RRL?

What types of less common genres might be considered acceptable for Royal Road?

I want provide stories that are fresh ideas or new takes on genres but don't want to write something like a realitic Noir mystery that's so far from what people want to read that it misses the mark completely and only gets 5 views. 

So far I've seen:
Portal Fantasy
Summoned Hero
High Fantasy and some others

Any suggestions, or thoughts on something different that you'd like to read, are appreciated.

RE: What types of genres are acceptable for RRL?

well, what I have learned so far is (probably) that having at least one engaging character from the start that readers can follow in your story, as well as quickly identifying what type your story will be, definitely helps. On the other hand, going through different characters in rapid succession as well as changing the type of story, pisses readers off.
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