How does it look now:


How should it look:


A novel's tags COULD be included instead of a novel's genre, yet many novels have too many tags and coding the text to reduce size in order to fit the space dedicated to the update novel would take too much work from our puissant, diligent, indefatigable coders who are overburdened with work in a way that not even Hercules could fathom. The inclusion of a novel's tag instead of genre is already done on Wattpad.


Because 'Recently Updated' is as of now the main pathway between a reader and his / her choice of what to read, it is of great use for the reader to have access to information about the novel (that is neither the name of the chapter, nor the cover) PRIOR to clicking the novel's page.


- More information about a novel despite the title and the cover, thus improving a reader's capacity to discern if he / she has interest in a certain work

- Promotion of different genres. Since most RRL novels have the same genres and themes, the black sheep would easily stand out. Thus improving the variety of content on this website.

- Warn readers about the presence of adult content prior to the reading.