1. Preferred Artist :Anyone.

  2. Request : Covert art for my new story that is soon to be published on this site.

  3. Notes : The cover should have a boy wearing a student uniform loosely while standing on a grass plain in front of a forest as he watches the stars and an incoming UFO that's heading straight at him. The tittle of the story "G.R.I.M - This Grim Game Of Ours" should be visible on the cover, as well as the text "Volume 1" underneath the tittle. My pen name "P.S Helbo" should be visible somewhere, as well as the artists if he/she wants to.

  4. Stakes : I can pay by the end of the month (when I get paid), as long as it's not too expensive. Feel free to send me a pm with prices. Otherwise, I can offer advertisement on the chapters author notes.

  5. PS: Sorry if the grammar here is bad, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to writing on forums xD