Are fiction tags editable?

Hey there everyone, new author here. 

After years of dragging my feet I’ve finally convinced myself to take the plunge and actually start posting online with the aim to find myself motivation to actually finish my stories and, hopefully, supplement my income with either Patreon or KU or something similar if all goes well.

To that end I’m going be submitting the first several chapters of my latest project, but before I do, I need to determine what tags it might need.

Thing is... I don’t really plan much in advance when writing. I rarely do any planning ahead or outline; it just doesn’t work for me as a writing style. So I don’t really know where things will head down the line, especially in terms of the sexual content or traumatic content warnings. 

I’ve been known to write that stuff on occasion, when the story called for it. While this particular story has no specific plans in that direction, that doesn’t mean I won’t end up in a position where it would be an appropriate direction for the story to go.

So my question is: Can story tags / mature setting be edited at some point? I do plan on a kind of a disclaimer at the start, just in case so people are forewarned, but if I can’t edit the tags after the first section is submitted, I’m thinking I might just go ahead and select them, since I do have general trends in my writing.

I’ve certainly read enough stories here that had been labeled one thing or another but that content never appeared in it.

RE: Are fiction tags editable?

Yes, you can edit and change your story tags at any time. Your tags should usually reflect the story at the point it is written, meaning that you don't need mature tags until your story actually has mature content in it. So if you haven't written any mature conent, you can leave the tag out until you publish a chapter that does.

The same goes for the other tags, if your story suddenly takes a sci-fi turn, you can edit and add the sci-fi genre in the middle of your story. Or remove a tag if you don't think the LitRPG element is no longer relevant.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your story. Take the plunge, and to be honest, don't worry about the planning. You're writing as a hobby or for fun (or so I presume), so enjoy it as it comes. You don't have to be a professional!
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