Are you the best that you can be?

No? Why?

How many hours do you waste in a day? 

Is there anything that you'd like to change (and that you CAN perfectly change it) that is bothering you? Like some piles of paper somewhere? Or trash? Why don't you go and clean it? Make one thing right, and then imagine how it'll look like if you fix 100 of them.

Do you have a goal around which your life revolves?

ITT: We post questions that make us think of ways to become happier people.

RE: Are you the best that you can be?

2/18/2018 11:37:43 PMnasir05 Wrote: [ -> ]NO where near my friend. there are at least a  5 things i can do right now that will make my life 10 times better. and none of them are painful or require any resources or special effort from me. ah ay, if we put effort into the mix, i have no doubt i can ascend.

Do it! Come on!

Some people need to quit jobs, cut off family members and move away to make their lives better. If you can make your life 10 times better without pain, you should do it!

Come on! Don't do it for you: do it for you in 1 year or more!
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