Time-Leap with Certain Possibilities - "Future Part"

Good News for those who were hoping to have the continuetion of the story and also some movement of silence for those who didn't liked my story because they will dead when they will read this because now i am going to continue it, though not in the pase i once did in the starting of the story but instead from starting now will be posting the story once in a while.

And last but not least, 2nd Book's 1st chapter will be uploaded anytime soon so until then wait with utmost you can and hope that i don't stop it in midway.

RE: Time-Leap with Certain Possibilities - "Future Part"

Just extended and rewritten the 1st chapter of "Time-Leap 1st Book" with some extra things, things which might confuse you all a lot more than you currently are. But hey, this changes will surely be explained in the near future so you don't have to burst out your brain about what might happen with story.

So just go and read the Chapter, and if liked the changes then please give your review about the story, so that others also know about the story and enjoy reading it.

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