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So this is a recommendation, what about putting the word count of a book on the main page of that fiction? Because something with a lot of chapters could have little content and few chapters with a lot of content and word count would help with that... I've no idea how one would implement that though.

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2/8/2018 2:56:44 PMChipMunster Wrote: [ -> ]I second this motion. It would be very useful to see the word count at a glance. I would even like for it to be listed in the search results page, so I don't need to click on anything to see how long each story is.

There is for both, isn’t there?

My dashboard at least shows me word count for every chapter, and the main fiction page lists page count, which is based on word count.

Searching for new fictions also lists page count, and most people label new chapters with at least a number, so you should have a good idea at a glance for how long and what length they’ve been posting when looking for new stuff. Maybe not an exact count, but it’s a good measure. I happen to like chapters that run 4-5k words, which is something like 18ish pages at a time, so just eyeballing the chapter number and the page count I know how long chapters run.

.... on an unrelated note, why does everyone’s post-times for quotes show up as being like 3 weeks in the future to me? Have I accidentally time traveled or are my time zone settings really messed up Tongue

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2/10/2018 12:34:04 AMChipMunster Wrote: [ -> ]"Popular this week", "Latest updates" and the like don't show the number of pages. Not even "Complete" does.

Ah, hmm, you’re right; I hadn’t noticed that before. I usually just pull 
new stuff from the main categories, hadn’t noticed that some of the more nuanced ones left that stuff out.

That should definitely be changed.
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