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2/14/2018 10:49:09 PMkanadaj Wrote: [ -> ]Hi there,

Just a heads-up, we've removed the new advertising tags due to the reported quality issues and other concerns we've had. Thank you for being around and reporting the issues you've experienced. :)

I’d like to chime in and mention this hasn’t fixed the problem. I whitelisted RRL in my Adblock a few days ago after seeing this message, to see how it would go. Went pretty OK, though it was kind of annoying to be getting semi-nsfw ads for what seemed like romance erotica - which I don’t even read.

But just now. I got a browser hijack ad in the middle of reading There Is No Epic Loot, despite having  Forced me away from the page to one of those stupid gift card alert scams, despite the fact that my Adblock should still block pop ups and redirects on whitelisted sites. Had to forcibly close the window and browser.

This is on mobile, btw. I’ll have to reenable Adblock if it keeps happening; security is why I run it in the first place.

Edit: also some ad here on the forum is lagging my phone to all hell, making typing super slow. Reloading the page for a new ad fixed it.

RE: New advertising obnoxious

I can't even get onto without having to disable adblock completely, i get a grey empty page with "Something interfered with this website loading, This could be a temporary problem with your network, or due to your adblocker"

either an adblock detector is messing up by detecting adblock installed instaid of on/off check or something else, i upgraded and downgraded the adblocker nothing works.
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