As the title says, I want a link on the bookmarks page that will take me to the latest unread chapter of a fiction I've bookmarked.

This would let me bookmark things I'm in the middle of reading and get back to the spot I left off easily, without having to jump to the fiction page and scroll through the chapters looking for the little white arrow.

It would also help with stories that update more than one chapter at once; today I saw a fic had updated and clicked the most recent chapter, only to realize (after some confusion) that it had updated more than once; the chapter I needed wasn't the newest chapter, so I had to go back a few.

This could be a simple button next to 'email' and 'remove', maybe called something like 'continue reading'? It would be nice if it either changed color to show you had unread chapters, or had an 'unread chapter counter' on it, or both, so people could tell at a glance which stories they had caught up on and which they were still reading/had updated.