So, I've been writing my story for about a month now, and feel comfortable with saying that I am going to be continuing on with it. That being said, I would like to make it look a bit nicer and start to set up some preparations for when I eventually try to sell it on Amazon.

Here is the link to to fiction page for anyone interested in reading the story before trying to work on art for it. That being said, please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss details.


Preferred Artist: Anyone

Request: I would like to have a cover with the backs of the two main characters in a forest. Main character is 20ish looking male (description from story available upon request) and the other is a 5 year old girl half human half nixie. If possible having them holding hands walking down a path through a purple themed forest. Side note, if you have a better idea to go with the story, I am more than willing to work with it instead of my idea.

Notes: My story is growing and I feel the need for something more than an old picture I took with some wordart over the picture for my cover. Additionally, there may be additional commission requests for specific characters or scenes as the story progresses. There are plans for sale on Amazon in the future, so your name will be added into the kindle version when it is completed.

Stakes: This is a commission so I am planning on offering monetary compensation along with mention in the story (possibly naming a reoccurring character). Monetary amount dependent on scope of art done and skill. If there are other things that would help to get interest, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to help.