What qualifies a novel for the Profanity or Gore tags?

The tag description specifies ‘excessive or obscene’ for Profanity, and ‘descriptive violence’ for Gore.

Both of these seem extremely vague to me, as people have a pretty wide range as to what they’d consider each one. It doesn’t help that a lot of stories on RRL get tagged with things they don’t contain, so it’s hard to find a good guideline.

 I’ve met a great many people IRL and online for instance who don’t consider ‘crap’ , ‘damn’ , or other common relatively socially acceptable expletives to be profanity, while other people do. (Like those with small children often do) Likewise, to me simply including mention of things like blood and injury doesn’t constitute gore, especially in a fantasy novel where violence is common. To me that comes in when you’re graphically describing say, mutalation.

I’m pretty sure I’m clear on the ‘obscene’ part, and probably on ‘excessive’ too for profanity (I don’t think it’s more than once or twice every few chapters, which are 4-5k+ words). I also don’t go in for super-graphic detail either, though there’s only been one major injury at this point.

Nobody’s complained in the comments about the lack of any mature tags or anything, but I’d really like to make sure I’m following the rules just to make sure.

RE: What qualifies a novel for the Profanity or Gore tags?

You could think of it like PG-13 vs. R. PG-13 movies CAN have swear words. In fact, depending on the context when it's used, a certain well-known four letter word can even be used once and keep the PG-13 tag.

Use that word in other contexts, or more often however, and you're into R territory. If you have a swear word once every now and then, I think it really falls to the context in which you're using that word. Stubbing a toe and saying "damn" once in every five thousand words doesn't need the Profanity tag.

Being insulting or derogatory, or in similar/adult contexts, starts leaning you toward it, though.
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