I have as of lately been pestered by boredom and severe imagination loss to write my own story. Thus, I am willing to proofread for anyone who writes a story that contains and revolves around an apathetic or evil main character(s) (preferably male due to my sexist attitude, but a female might work too). And by evil, I do not mean punched-a-girl-cold-hearted evil. No, I mean sell-your-beloved-one-for-power evil or conduct-torture-for-excitement evil. No matter how bad the story is written (I'm lying, for my patience has its limits), I believe we can arrive at an agreement. 

Of course, I am far from perfect; you cannot equate me with those professional proofreaders (which is why I am free). However, I am vastly superior to those ne'er-do-well editors that abound on the internet. Get in touch with me should you find your interest getting piqued, for I love me some good ol' evil. 

On a side note, I am trying to become one of the world champions in a video game entitled Natural Selection 2. Do I need to say more about my game addiction?