Active rankings

Hey folks,

I have been posting my story on RoyRD for a few months now and am wondering, how does the Active ranking work? It's like I just cannot seem to increase my rankings. I have looked at some of those novels above and even below my rankings and I really don't know how it works. 
I post once a week and my rankings go up. 
When I post twice a week it starts to fall. 
Some of these fellow authors post just once a month and their rankings seem to remain high without changing.
Does it have to do with how long your post has been on RylRd? 
I know I saw a thread out there with some wonderful explanations on the Best Rated and Popular this week rankings. It was very helpful. Is there any on the Active rankings?
I just want to know if I might have to wait a year for my rankings to go up via some computer calculations.
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