5$ and 10$ subscriptions

What to do you think about adding this option.My idea for this is that the 2,5$ would go to webpage owners and the rest would be distributed among books added to favourites. I didn't subscribe because my money would not go to the content writers if some of this could go to them directly then i'd have reason to pay and i can't patreon every writer I added to favourites so far. Maybe the amount for every single added favourites sub would be small but if 5% of the readers of  the book would  be subbers then the overall amount could be good enough to help writers a little.

RE: 5$ and 10$ subscriptions

To me personally, that sounds like an unsustainable, or rather too convoluted, system.

Considering how many favourites a regular user has, the option to have a single subscription pay for both the authors and RRL would require a huge number unless some of them were getting close to nothing.

If you're constrained on monetary resources, just donate to your preferred author.

I passed this suggestion to the administrators.
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